Our streaming platform delivers incomparable high resolution 360° video while providing an exceptional, uninterrupted 360° viewing experience, even using consumer and mobile WIFI and LTE delivery media.

Live sporting events, performances and events, as well as pre-recorded 360° Video-on-Demand (VOD) can easily be connected to and transmitted through the comet360 platform.

Key Features

Stream Immersive 360° Video

The comet360 platform enables high-quality live and VOD 360° video streaming.

Wide Range of Virtual Reality Devices

The comet360 stream can be viewed on a wide range of virtual reality enabled devices

Stay Connected

Comet360 is immune to bandwidth fluctuations.

Professional 360° Video & VR Solutions.

Unlimited Live Channels
Create as Many Live Streams as You Want

  1. 1You contact comet360 and let us know the camera system you are planning to use for your live 360 broadcast
  2. 2You provide your targeted viewers with the comet360 viewing app which they can download from your website or from links you text them
  3. 3Comet360 encodes your stream using our proprietary technology and streams it through our comet360 data center in the cloud to the viewer
  4. 4Your targeted viewers, anywhere in the world, will see your rich 360° video on their selected viewer without disconnect

Video-on-Demand Management
Comet360 Supports Video Hosting of Original Video Content.

Comet360 supports video hosting of your original 360° video content. All you need to do is upload your video archive via FTP or you can host previous live events as video-on-demand through a simple browser based uploader. If you already have content hosted on your own servers, you can upload the content direct. Once on comet360, the video is served over a worldwide CDN. Viewers can be located anywhere in the world and watch reliably without concerns over network congestion.

Contact Us

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